DRJ Records


DRJ Records Industries Private Limited.

DRJ Records Industries Pvt. Ltd. stands as a distinguished Music Production & Distribution Company headquartered in Mumbai. Established in 2008 by Mr. Raj Jaiswal, our journey has been marked by relentless growth and a steadfast commitment to musical excellence.
Catering to a diverse audience, we offer an eclectic array of Indian music genres including Folk, Devotional, Bollywood, Regional, and Indian-pop-Music, among others. Beyond merely distributing music, we pride ourselves on nurturing talent. We actively seek out and cultivate songwriters, owning and managing copyrights to musical compositions for integration into recordings for films and albums.
Our overarching goal is to amalgamate cutting-edge technology with boundless creative ingenuity to foster the global dissemination of music. As a publishing entity, we ensuring the integrity and recognition of our artists' work.
In addition to our core activities, we are actively engaged in the business of content acquisition and content licensing. Our repertoire includes a wide range of content such as movies, encompassing regional cinema, web-series, and television shows. Moreover, we specialize in licensing music in various formats including audio and video, further enriching our diverse portfolio. Moreover, DRJ Records, with the invaluable support of our listeners, viewers, and subscribers, takes pride in our extensive YouTube channel network comprising over channels. We are delighted to share our robust digital presence, boasting a staggering subscriber base exceeding 83 million across all channels. With an impressive total video view count surpassing 28 billion, our content library comprises over 4500 videos, reflecting our commitment to providing diverse and engaging content to our audience.