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DRJ Records has released a massive single by Javed-Mohsin’s ‘Tere Mere,’ featuring Gurmeet Choudhary & Tridha Choudhary

DRJ Records has released another stunning album titled ‘Tere Mere’. The song features the never-before-seen duo Gurmeet Choudhary and Tridha Choudhary. In the song, Gurmeet and Tridha can be seen performing a mesmerizing dance.

“Bollywood music has always thrilled me, and getting non-film music enlivened has been my vision,” says Founder and Managing Director Raj Jaiswal.

Raj Jaiswal, the brilliant founder of DRJ Records, coined the term. Its roots date back over two decades, but the company has consistently evolved its entertainment projects to provide content for all age groups based on their interests.

Speaking about the experience, Gurmeet said “Tere Mere is a very special song. For the first time, I worked with Tridha and it was complete fun. I want people to watch this beautiful song and shower love on us.”

Tridha Choudhary, who is the female lead, stated “I had a great time working on my latest release, Tere Mere. I adored the music composed by Javed-Mohsin and the voices of Asees Kaur and Stebin Bin. It’s an accurate depiction of how true love always triumphs. You can definitely try to avoid it. However, a true purpose and person in your life, as well as true friendship and love, will always bring you together. That is the plot of the story. It’s a true representation of a modern love story.”

“Tere Mere is a beautiful, pure Indian melody that we composed. The song has a very innocent love feeling to it, and the lyrics are very simple yet deep and emotional. The song is a mass-produced romantic song with a beautiful melody and simple lyrics”, said composers Javed-Mohsin

DRJ Records has been on the front foot for the past year, providing customers with some exceptional songs. This year appears to be much bigger than the last, with Urvashi Rautela’s ‘Tauba Meri Tauba’ and Tony Kakkar’s ‘Shaadi Karogi?’ already making significant releases.

Tere Mere is a lovely, mellow track that captures the true essence of love. It is performed by two incredible new-age artists, Stebin Ben and Asees Kaur. Javed Mohsin has done the soothing musical work, and Rashmi Virag wrote the exquisite lyrics. The acclaimed video director Ashish Panda created the video concept and is the man behind the lens.

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